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CoreMelt PolyChrome Transitions V2 - CoreMelt
PolyChrome is a collection of 40 transition effects to enhance your creative possibilities on the ed
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_Dream - Digital Heaven
DH_Dream is a transition for Final Cut which recreates the classic ripple and blur effect from one...
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_Fade - Digital Heaven
Originally designed to replicate Avid's Fade Effect, the DH_Fade filter makes it easy to create co...
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_FieldTrans - Digital Heaven
DH_FieldTrans is a transition effect which provides an easy solution to the problem of applying...
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_WhipPan - Digital Heaven
DH_WhipPan is a transition for Final Cut which simulates the effect of a camera whip pan between...
Commercial available for Macintosh
SlickFX Fusion Factory HD - Gee Three
Soft and Organic Dissolve plug-in for Final Cut Pro
Commercial available for Macintosh


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