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Plugins - EditorsRatingLicenseOS
CoreMelt Complete V2 - CoreMelt
CoreMelt Complete V2 2.2 - All 204 GPU Accelerated Plugins in one bundle artist with 10 years experi
Commercial available for Macintosh
CoreMelt ImageFlow V2 - CoreMelt
Select a folder of images, select a tempo, choose one of fifteen animation styles and instantly you
Commercial available for Macintosh
CoreMelt Motion Pack - CoreMelt
Forty Plugins for Motion Graphic Artists. Designed by a working VFX artist with 10 years experience
Commercial available for Macintosh
deDigitalEffects #3 - Digital Thought Software
119 video effects/titles for iMovie/Final Cut Express
Commercial available for Macintosh
deDigitalEffects #4 - Digital Thought Software
138 video effects/titles for iMovie and Final Cut Express
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_Box - Digital Heaven
Final Cut's built-in cropping and position controls do a great job for simple setups but if you...
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_Dropout - Digital Heaven
Dropouts from Beta SP or other analogue formats are usually impossible to fix without the right...
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_Grid - Digital Heaven
Ever needed to line up elements to an onscreen grid? Take a look at DH_Grid, a generator which...
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_Guides - Digital Heaven
DH_Guides is a video generator which displays left, top, right and bottom guides. Guiding Pri...
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_Reincarnation - Digital Heaven
Dead pixels on DV cameras are an annoying problem, especially if the footage is irreplaceable. E...
Commercial available for Macintosh
DH_WideSafe - Digital Heaven
DH_WideSafe is a video generator which provides 4:3, 14:9 and 16:9 action and title safe areas...
Commercial available for Macintosh
Digieffects Fantazm - Digieffects
FANTAZM™ is an incredible new set of tools from DigiEffects for motion graphics and compositi
Commercial available for Macintoshavailable for Windows
Pan Zoom Pro - Lyric Media
Radically simplify the task of achieving smooth and even pans and zooms within high-resolution photo
Commercial available for Macintosh
QC-Effects - Digital Thought Software
QC-Effect. Over 380 Effects for Final Cut Pro, Motion and Final Cut Express. Features: *...
Commercial available for Macintosh


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