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Final Cut Effects

By Lyric Media
Plugin for:
FinalCut Plugin available for Macintosh 
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Lyric's Final Cut Effects is a plugin kit of over 50 powerful video effect filters. It includes 15 new matte filters, updated versions of common built-in effects that can be controlled by mattes or alpha-channels, and a range of 30 special-effects filters for image-correction, photographic effects and other stylized effects. The 15 Matte Filters produce and manipulate mattes, also known as alpha-channels, that control the transparency of areas within a clip. You use these when layering several clips to form a composite, or to limit the effect of other filters to certain areas within a clip. Several of the filters produce mattes based on the content in each frame, such as color or saturation or luminance levels or object edges or frame-to-frame changes. Others let you construct geometric or gradient or grid-based mattes. Yet others can be used to modify and blend other mattes. The Matte Filters include: Areas Matte • Edges Matte • High Saturation Matte • Low Saturation Matte • Color Matte Fleshtones Matte • Highlights Matte • Midtones Matte • Shadows Matte • Motion Matte Matte Operations • Gradient Matte • N-Point Matte • Polygon Matte • Oval Matte • Grid Matte The Masked Effects kit includes special versions of several standard Final Cut filters, enhanced so their effects can be masked by a Matte filter or existing alpha-channel. This lets you exercise fine control over the application of these effects within areas of the frame, such as applying a graduated tint across the frame or a noise-softening blur to the stationary areas in a clip or a saturation bump to just the low-saturation areas, and so on. The Masked Effects Filters include: Masked Blur • Masked Sharpen • Masked Color Correct • Masked Brightness & Contrast • Masked Tint The Special Effects kit is a set of 30 video filters offering a range of effects, including image correction, photographic effects and stylizing special-effects. Advanced effects include sketching & watercolor effects and a mask-based time-warping effect that delays individual pixels in a scene based on a supplied mask. The Special Effects Filters include: Contrast Mask • Fill Light • High-pass Luma • Local Contrast Enhancement • Luma Brightness & Contrast S-Curve • Vibrance Black and White • Bloom • Color Degrade • Composite with Self • Dark and Grainy • Dark Shading Glow • Levels Bandpass • Luma-masked Grain • Soft Blur Bad Reception • Channel Mixer • Convolver • Edge Detect • Edge Work • Emboss Overlay • Gradient Map Masked Time • Super Posterize • Tri-Tone • Vignette / Burned Borders • Water Color 1 • Water Color 2

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