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Buena Effects Pack

By Digieffects
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The Buena Effects Pact includes both Buena Effect Essentials and Buena Au Naturel. There are a total of 16 included in the Effects Pack. Effect Essentials is a set of 10 professional plugins for Adobe After Effects® 5.0 and above. It includes the following plug-ins: Camera Flash: Produces a flash-bulb effect. Digital Interference: Simulates digital corruption like dropped frames and stutters Edge Manipulator: Applies an effect only to the edges of objects Feedback: Simulates a video feedback look Frame Manipulator: Maps one aspect of your video or audio to another, such as having the audio control the scale of the video HSV Curves: Allows precise color control, such as desaturating only the reds or changing just the greens to yellows, without affecting other colors HSV Manipulator: Applies an effect only to a selected range of colors Pixel Manipulator: Maps one aspect of your pixels to another, such as having their location determine their brightness Radial Glow: Creates radiating or swirling light effects Super RGB Curves: A souped-up version of RGB Curves, with live dragging, colored backgrounds, the ability to zoom in, and more. Au Naturel is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Apple's Final Cut Pro and hosts that allows you to work on your footage in a 32-bit per channel floating point linear RGB color space giving you much more natural looking results when compositing, blurring, or correcting your footage. Au Naturel comes with 6 built-in effects: Adjust Exposure: Allows you to adjust the exposure of your footage in f-stops, producing much more pleasing and realistic results and with much less effort than using Brightness and Contrast controls. Levels: Similar to your host application's built-in Levels function, but without the limitations. You can set levels above the maximum or below the minimum pixel values giving you a much wider range to work with. And values that go above the max or below the min are preserved for the next effect to work with rather than being clipped. Gaussian Blur: An effect that produces a much more realistic looking blur than the built-in Gaussian Blur. Plus, it allows you to choose how the edges are handled and whether to apply the blur to only a single channel or all the channels. Directional Blur: As with the Gaussian Blur, this blur produces much more realistic looking results than your host's built-in Directional Blur. Transform Scale: Rotate, translate, and skew your image with sub-pixel accuracy and using high-quality resampling algorithms for results that are sharper than the built-in tools. Composite: Composite scenes together in linear RGB using a separate alpha channel for each color channel if you want. This allows you to reproduce the actual interactions that occur with light in the real world.

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