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Buena Depth Cue by Digieffects
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Buena Depth Cue

By Digieffects
Plugin for:
AfterEffect Plugin available for Macintosh Plugin available for Windows 
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Using composition-based effects like Rack Focus, Falloff Lighting, or Fog, you can mimic Z depth in your compositions in ways that simply can’t be done using practical depth of field.

Buena Depth Cue Includes:

3D Composite: Allows 2D footage with a depth channel, such as you might generate in 3D applications, to interact with After Effects’ 3D layers.

Depth: Displays the depth of each layer in grayscale for use as a gradient map with other plugins, or with other applications.

Falloff Lighting: Lights your layers realistically.

Fog: Shrouds your layers in a light haze or a deep, murky mist.

Rack Focus: Produces realistic depth of field effects and focus pulls, including simulating boke and anamorphic lens effects.

Camera Mapper: Turn 2D stills and footage into 3D scenes right in After Effects.

Flipside: Maps one layer onto the back side of another layer. This allows you to flip the front layer over to reveal the back layer.

To use Depth Cue with a 3D program, you must render a file with depth information such as OpenEXR, developed by Industrial Light & Magic. To read channels from an EXR into After Effects and Depth Cue, download the replacement reader from here:

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